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Improvising Nazar Foundation

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Improvising Nazar Foundation is incorporated on 15th of March 2022,under the Companies Act ,2013 and the company is limited by shares. Improvising Nazar Foundation are regulated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of India Companies that do financial business but regulated by other regulators are given specific exemption by the Reserve Bank from its regulatory requirements for avoiding duality of regulation . Improvising Nazar Foundation a Company which has been incorporated as a object of cultivating the habit of Thrift and Savings amongst its members  lending to its members only.Our main object is to encourage and afford all facilities for cultivating thrift, savings habits and to render all, financial assistance to its member-only by receiving long and short term deposits .


The objective of Improvising Nazar Foundation is similar to that of microcredit; its goal is to provide financial services to help encourage entrepreneurs in impoverished nations to act on their ideas and obtain the financial tools available to do so and to eventually become self-sustainable. A few more of its overarching goals include to promote economic development, decrease unemployment, and boost small businesses.It will help to provide financial services to those in remote locations where traditional financial institutions do not have operations. It also provides education. Finally,it can encourage entrepreneurial activity and business development in poverty-stricken areas.