About Us

  • OUR VISION is to create a social environment in Bikol which is conducive to human development.


The promotion of the gospel values;

The promotion social justice and development;

And the empowerment of the people.


That every Bikolano is able to translate faith and religiosity to a sense of responsibility and common good;

Every Bikolano family has Mary as its model of hope, patience and endurance;

Every Bikolano understands his or her rights as God’s creation and respects the rights of others;

Every Bikolano has access to education as tool to alleviating poverty;

Every Bikolano is healthy in mind and body to better serve Bikol.

Board of Trustees:

Most Rev. Leonardo Legaspi, O.P., D.D. – Honorary Chairman

Fr. Wilmer S. Tria – Founding Chair

Julieta T. Concepcion – Treasurer

Soledad G. Dy – Secretary


Julma M. Narvadez

Rosita C. Lo

Domingo Claro

Benjamin Florendo, MD