Plenary Indulgence

Perpetual Novena to the Holy Face


My Lord, Jesus Christ, true God and true man, in whom I believe, in whom I hope and Whom I love above all things, I am deeply sorry for having offended thee, because of Your infinite goodness. I promise never more to offended You, with the help of Your Divine Grace, and through the powerful intercession of the Blessed Mother, the Holy Virgin Mary, whom I would like to honor all the days of my life, but most particularly during this novena which I dedicate to the glory of her most holy name. Amen.


Look down upon us, O Sweetest and Most Merciful Jesus, Our Lord and Our Redeemer, humbly prostrate before Your Sacred Image. We give thanks to You because of the beautiful graces You have bestowed upon us. We glorify You through this sacred representation of your Holy Face which You have imprinted on the linen of that kind woman Veronica on your Way to Calvaryto be a sacrifice for our sins. O Jesus, Our Holy Redeemer, grant that we may not turn our backs on You, and give us the grace to see You, face to face in heaven. Who together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen


O Jesus, in your bitter Passion You became a man of sorrows in your disfigured face I see your infinite love I am consumed with the desire to love, And make you loved by all. I venerate your Holy Face because it is the human expression of the face of the Father the tears on your eyes are like pearls which I desire to offer to God in expiation of my sin and the spiritual salvation of sinner. O Jesus, your adorable Face vanishes my heart, Gaze into my eyes and touch my heart and set me on fire with your love so that my desire will be to contemplate your glorious Face in heaven. Amen.

Recite Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be (3 times)


O Sweetest and Most Lovable Face, Who is being praised all over the world, You are our hope and refuge. We raise to You our eyes, to You we elevate our prayers, to You we dedicate our thoughts, our hearts, and our souls.




O most lovable Queen and Mother Mary, whose sweet name gladdens the heavens, consoles the earth and daunts hell. O peerless greatness granted to you by Him who is omnipotent, that all might share in the benefits of that plenitude: namely the sick their cure, the sorrowful their consolation, the sinners their forgiveness, the angels their joy and the Blessed Trinity untold glory. We have recourse in this novena to you as an armor for our defense, as a medicine for our health, as a consolation for our grief, as an effective relief for our burdens, as a help unto the remission of our sins, and as a universal remedy for all our needs. Therefore, we beseech you time and again and frequently repeat these sweet words:

Virgin of Peñafrancia, pray for us.

Virgin of Peñafrancia, pray for us.

Virgin of Peñafrancia, pray for us.

May we receive from your mercy and benevolence a participation in the benign influence of your name, and may we become one of your most faithful children, so that living always under this precious protection, may we be granted the special intention of this novena, if it be for the greater honor and glory of God, and the salvation of our souls. Amen.

Virgin of Peñafrancia, pray for us.

RESPONSORY: O Beloved Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Peñafrancia,

we find refuge in you.

In you we trust, we fully rest

Bring us safely, to heavenly bliss.

Abandon us not in this earthly test

And never forsake, so we will be blessed. (R.)

We kneel before you now,

To God implore us now, the forgiveness of our sins;

To you, O mother, we ask from thee

That sin we reject, now and through all eternity.(R.)

Heed, O Blessed Mary, the trustful voice of pleadings.

Of your entire children and devoted pilgrims.

O beloved Mother, hear us we beseech thee

All our humble prayers, to heaven you bring.(R.)

Let us greet the most sweet name of Mary

with the following prayers . . .

M other, most beloved, in all the occasions of our life, remember us,

a miserable sinners. Hail Mary . . . .

A queduct of the divine grace, grant us abundant tears with which to

wash away our sins. Hail Mary . . . .

R oyal Queen of heaven and earth, be our help and defense against the

assaults of our enemies. Hail Mary . . . .

I llustrious and beloved daughter of Joaquin and Anna, pray your

Divine Son to grant us the graces we need for our salvation.

Hail Mary . . . .

A dvocate and refuge of sinners, be at our bedside at the hour of our

death and open for us the portals of heaven. Hail Mary . . . .

Let us now pause for the personal petitions we offer to God through

the powerful intercession of the Our Virgin of Peñafrancia.

Act of Love to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

O sovereign Queen of angels, most Holy Virgin of Peñafrancia, Mary Most Holy, we, the greatest of sinners, prostrate at your feet, humbly offer these five Hail Marys in reverence and in honor of the five letters that make up your most sweet name, Maria. We beseech you, O lovable Mother, to imprint it deeply in our hearts that from now on, we may invoke it more frequently, and more devotedly than in the past, and that we may deserve the choice graces of our Lord. Amen.

With our souls thus enriched with the treasure of your love and solicitude, help us to have a peaceful and holy death preceded by a sincere repentance and a worthy reception of the last sacraments. Finally, grant us your valuable assistance for which we will be deeply grateful, and with which we hope to bless you in heaven for all eternity. Amen.

Virgin of Peñafrancia, pray for us.(3 times)

Let us pray. Turn to us your sweet eyes, Oh most loving Virgin of Peñafrancia and have mercy on our souls that comes to you full of repentance. Protect our families, our relatives, our friends, and benefactors. Intercede for your devotees, both the living and dead, especially for those whom we are most obliged to help.

Pray for us, console us and save us. In my hour of peril, adversity & afflictions, above all, in the hour of our death, appear before your divine Son to help us and defend us. Tell him that we are your devotees, that having complete trust in your protection we kneel before your miraculous image to ask for your powerful intercession.

Virgin of Peñafrancia, pray for us, help us, console us, and deliver us from all evil. Amen.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. (3 times)


Holy Mary, help of the unfortunate, strength of the faint-hearted, health of the sick, pray for all the people, intercede for the clergy, plead for the devout women, may all who call upon your Name feel the power of your intercession with God.

Grant to us who praise you, O Lady, secure help in the struggle against our enemies. To your faithful people, rejoicing in the name and protection of the most holy Virgin Mary, vouchsafe, O Almighty God, we beseech You through her loving intercession to be delivered from all evils here on earth, and to be accounted worthy to enter into everlasting joys in heaven, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Offering prayers for World Peace

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be



Resuene vibrante el himno de amor

Que entona tu pueblo con grata emocion.

Resuene vibrante el himno de amor

Que entona tu pueblo con grata emocion.

Patrona del Bicol, gran madre de Dios,

Se siempre la Reina de nuestra region.

Patrona del Bicol, granMadre de Dios,

Se siempre la Reina de nuestra region.

1 – Estrofa

Los rios murmuran tu nombre el corer.

Los montes proclaman tu Gloria y poder,

El pueblo creyente, con gozo t eve,

Te canta amoroso y besa tu pie.

El pueblo creyente, con gozo t eve,

Te canta amoroso y besa tu pie.



Most Rev. Leonardo Z. Legaspi, O.P.,D.D.

Archbishop ofCaceres