Create Perpetual Legacy

Creating your legacy through the INA nin BIKOL Foundation

By creating a name-endowment fund in the INA nin BIKOL Foundation, you are making a lasting and permanent gift that will memorialize you or a loved one in perpetuity.

The income from these endowment funds is channeled every year to urgent needs in the Archdiocese of Caceres. The Foundation shall maintain the fund’s principal as a permanent witness to future generations of a donor’s generosity. Each fully endowed fund bears the name of the donor, or that of a living or deceased loved-one, and disbursements from that fund are made in the fund’s name and “in praise of the Living God.”

Name-endowment funds are established with current gifts of cash, securities and property, or with deferred gifts through bequests and life-income agreements with the Foundation.

Name-endowment funds can begin as low as PhP 200,000.00 or $ 5,000.00.

There are two types of funds available for donors at the Foundation: unrestricted (funds may be used for any of the programs) and donor-designated (the donor specifies which program to be supported by the fund).

We will be happy to explain the details and procedures at your convenience.

Please call 054-473-IBFI; 054-811-3466; or 0918-916-0298