Create Perpetual Legacy

Support our Education and Scholarship for Development Program

With your help, young Bikolanos can go to school.

In 2005, four of our scholars have graduated from college, while nineteen are still in school. We are happy that we have become instruments in building their future. We hope that we can also help provide a good education for young children of less fortunate families. But we cannot do it on our own. We appeal for your help.

For as low as $100 every year, a child can receive quality education. . We will regularly update you of his or her performance and advancement in school.

You may also donate any amount to the Scholarship and Education Program. Your donation will go to the fund which will help send to school as many children the fund can accommodate. We will regularly update you with the progress of the program.

Your donation will bring hope to many families. While our children have dreams of their future, many are wondering if they would ever have a chance to make them come true. But with meager income, their families cannot give them assurance they need. Deprived of a good education, a better tomorrow seems to be beyond their reach.

With your contribution, they can dream and become the best they can be. Help send young Bikolano children to school. How much does it cost to send someone to school?

a. Annual – $100 (10 months)

b. Monthly – $10