Education and Scholarship for Development

Here we seek to increase educational access and quality for the poor but deserving young men and women in Bikol, to breed new leaders and thinkers. Grant making supports seminaries in the Archdiocese and other seminaries in the Bikol Region with particular emphasis on enhancing the programs of formation. Scholarship is granted to seminarians and other students who are willing to commit themselves in addressing the poverty in the Region. It is also our mission to send children to school and we accomplish this through the Send-A-Child-To-School Program.

Send-A-Child-To-School Program

Send a Child to School for only $100 a Year

Instead of going to school, children of very poor families need to earn a living so they may have food on the table. Parents oblige them to beg, sell sampaquita flowers, or scavenge at the dumpsites.Responding to their plight, Ina nin Bikol Foundation, in partnership with the Philosophy Department of the Ateneo de Naga University, embarks on a new program: the Send-A-Child-to-School Program. The first adopted community is Balatas dumpsite with close to 100 families.

Your $100 donation will guarantee that a child can attend school for one academic year. Funds will shoulder school uniforms, shoes, school supplies and monetary incentives for the family whose child goes to school regularly.

On special occasions, you will hear from the child you support. We will ensure that he or she sends you letters. When the school year ends, you will get a copy of their report and class cards.

Change the Life of a Child Forever

Support the Send-A-Child-To-School Program. Our mission is to send children to school. You can send donations online or to this address:

Ina nin Bikol Foundation,

Peñafrancia Basilica Complex

Basilica Road, Naga City 4400